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MIECO LITE is a new collection comprises of solid colour hues.

Presenting the highly anticipated MIECO LITE series, showcasing a dazzling array of intricate gradients that transcend basic solid hues. By expertly blending foundational colours, we unveil a remarkable spectrum of vibrant shades for the year 2024. MIECO LITE is a collection that can help creates numerous vibes for your space. MIECO LITE, your solid colour partner.

Earthy Elegance: Bringing Nature’s Tranquillity to Your Space

Imagine a space that exudes calm sophistication, rooted in the gentle embrace of nature. Earthy Elegance is more than a colour palette; it’s a design philosophy that breathes timeless life into interiors.

MIECO LITE comprises some colours, inspired by the earth’s natural textures and hues, offers a harmonious and versatile range for your next project. From serene Snowland SF-9001 setting a quiet elegance to invigorating Sienna Brown SF-9019 inviting warmth and connection, each shade contributes to a cohesive and effortlessly stylish atmosphere.

Sofuto Gray SF-9005 can provide a modern touch, balancing warmth with a sophisticated edge, while Highway SF-9012 anchors the space with grounding depth, perfect for highlighting architectural features. Additionally, Macademia SF-9018, with its rich natural wood tones, brings a touch of rustic charm, adding texture and authenticity.

Nature’s Palette: Immersing in Colours of the Wild

Through the collection of MIECO LITE, we can create a nature’s palette of diverse and harmonious colours found in the natural world, bringing the beauty of nature into your living spaces, creating environments that are both inspiring and calming. This collection reflects the essence of the earth, sky, and everything in between.

Sakura SF-9022Lilac SF-9023 represents flower fragrance, bringing the blossoming season of spring to life. Teal SF-9031 adds a splash of sage to complement the season.

At “Nature’s Palette,” we are committed to helping you create and provide spaces to reflect the beauty and balance of your space. Our colours are more than just colours, but to match fit your space with your own style.

CITYSCAPE: Where Urban Energy Meets Tranquil Spaces

MIECO LITE colours can come together and create a vibrant and eclectic energy of city life that marries urban sophistication for those who love a calm space inspired by the successful fast paced life. It evokes a harmonious balance between the hustle and bustle of city living with a calming presence. Whether you are looking to design a modern retreat, infuse your space with a lively metropolitan vibe, or create a peaceful sanctuary amidst the urban chaos, there is a colour for you.

Cityscape evokes the energy and raw beauty of a modern urban environment. It weaves together a palette of grays and blacks, each shade representing a different facet of the city’s character. Glacier Gray SF-9009, a light, cool gray can serve as the foundation of the space. To create a sense of spaciousness, and a modern feel while allowing the other colours to stand out. Our Cobble Gray SF-9010 a mid-toned gray, reminiscent of the enduring strength of steel structures, adds a grounding element and a sense of modern solidity.

Meanwhile, deep inky black Fossil SF-9015 can reflects the city’s raw, industrial heart, with its rich dark gray tone, makes a statement of the space. On a softer side, Merino Gray SF-9006, can evoke the vibrant energy of urban nightlife, is introduced in smaller accents. The dark and solid Sable SF-9016 creates a sense of mystery and intriguing for the space adding dramatic element and invites exploration.

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