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Mieco Chipboard’s particleboard is meticulously engineered, starting with the selection of fine wood particles and a carefully formulated adhesive. These components are blended and compressed to create a dense, homogenous panel that ensures consistency and stability in every product. It is a fundamental building material in the world of engineered wood products, and has revolutionized the way we create furniture, cabinets, and countless other applications in the construction and design industries.

Our particleboard consistently delivers on performance, durability, and aesthetics, making it the preferred choice for a multitude of applications. Explore the possibilities and elevate your projects with the confidence that comes from partnering with a leader in the industry.



Test method

Tolerance on nominal dimensions

  1. Thickness (sanded) within and between boards
  2. Length and width

EN 324-1


+ / – 0.3mm

+ / – 5mm

Edge straightness tolerance

EN 324-2

1.5mm per m

Squareness tolerance

EN 324-2

2mm per m


EN 324-2


Moisture content

EN 322

5% to 13%

Tolerance on the mean density within a board

EN 323

+ / – 10%

Formaldehyde release
  1. Class E2
  2. Class E1
  3. CARB 2
  4. F ★★
  5. F ★★★
  6. F ★★★★

EN 120
EN 120
ASTM D6007
JIS A 1460
JIS A 1460
JIS A 1460

8mg/100g ≤ x 20mg/100g
Means ≤ 15mg/L, max ≤ 2.1mg/L
Means ≤ 0.5mg/L, max ≤ 0.7mg/L
Means ≤ 0.3mg/L, max ≤ 0.4 mg/L