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Mission & vision

MIECO - Modern Technology working with Nature.

We emphasize dynamic innovation and creating value in all our products and services. We pledge to strive for total quality and excellence a wood based company in Malaysia and beyond.

At MIECO, a heavy emphasis is placed on the Corporate Mission statement and its Quality Policy. MIECO strives to achieve the highest possible quality and excellence in whatever it undertakes. In its production departments, state-of-the-art European technology is employed, originating from German technology. Besides investing in modern technology, MIECO places a strong emphasis in human resource development.

Factory personnels are constantly sent for training, and marketing staff also participate and visit international exhibitions and trade fairs to keep up with the latest industry trends.

Staff are recruited from both Malaysian universities as well as graduates from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

MIECO develops innovative products with exemplary services. It is fully committed to continuous process improvement and research and development. MIECO has established Vision, Direction, and Corporate Values, which are in line with the whole concept of its Corporate Brand.


MIECO Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd, a premier Particleboard manufacturer is committed to total customer satisfaction both in quality of products and services. In accordance with this policy,
we shall:-

  • Maintain a framework for establishing Quality Objectives.
  • Identify areas to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.
  • Effectively communicate Quality Policy and Quality
    Objectives to all levels of employees.
  • Comply with international standards and customer
  • Organize periodic review of our Quality Objectives
    and Procedures for continuing suitability.

We emphasize dynamic innovation in all our products & services in everything we do.

We create value and quality in all our products & services to benefit the customers, our employees and the green environment We focus on satisfying our customers needs and expectations and committed to the highest standard of products and services for today and tomorrow.

We value our people and we commit to develop and train their potential towards higher productivity and competency effectiveness We emphasize teamwork to achieve exemplifying results for the company and our customers.

We strive to be a leader in Malaysia and beyond.

ENVIRONMENTAL, OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY (EOH&S) POLICYMieco Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd, a premier Particleboard manufacturer in Malaysia and beyond, is committed to provide a conducive, healthy and safe working environment through continual pollution reduction, accident prevention and risk control. In accordance with this policy, we shall:-

  • Maintain and implement Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety (EOH&S) Management System, Chain of Custody (CoC) and avoid use of controversial materials.
  • Identify, eliminate and reduce any adverse environmental impacts and potential hazards and risks on occupational, safety & health arising from our activities while practising continual improvement.
  • Ensure all employees, contractors and other interested parties are communicated on this policy. Ensure active participation and consultation of workers, and, where they exist, workers representatives related to occupational safety & health.
  • Comply with applicable legal and other requirements in accordance to environmental, occupational safety & health and chain of custody.
  • Organize continual training to build environmental, health and safety working culture amongst the employees and provides a framework for setting environmental, occupational safety &
    health objectives.

Our vision towards a conducive, healthy and safe working environment will be achieved by commitment of the top management, employees, workers, contractors and other business partners.